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The Irish Air Corps; Knock Airport, July 29, 2005

Flying the Allouette III; Text and Photograph's by Alex van Noye

During my holiday in Ireland in 2005 I suddenly got the chance to get some shots of the Irish Allouette III helicopter. I had the opportunity to visit Knock Airport in the western part of Ireland. An Allouette III helicopter of the Irish Air Corps landed in front of me during this visit. It was the first time I got an Allouette III of the Irish Air Corps in front of my lens. I was very happy with this helicopter, because you have to come to Ireland to see one; they don not visit the main land of Europe in normal situations. The helicopter was painted in a light gray scheme and therefore it was easy to catch on photo. The short visit to this small commercial airport in Ireland brought me a few nice photos of the Allouette III.

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