Runway 28 Runway 28 Runway 28 Runway 28

Runway 28; Gilze-Rijen, 2005

Gilze-Rijen Air Base in 2005; Text and Photograph's by Alex van Noye

The year 2005 was not my most active year at the head of the runway 28 at Gilze-Rijen Air Base. I had visited this location just 1 more time since the Open Dagen in June. I saw 9 Apaches by coincidence on the Redskin platform during this beautiful morning in October. I decided to drive hpme to get my camera. The Apaches were prepared to go to Poland for an exercise for the next 2 weeks. There was no time for me to wait for the departure of these helicopters. The Apaches were parked on the platform under sunny weather conditions. It was not difficult to take a few photos of the complete flight line. It's pretty rare to see so many Apaches at 1 line.

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