Runway 28 Runway 28 Runway 28 Runway 28

Runway 28; Gilze-Rijen, 2008

Gilze-Rijen Air Base in 2008; Text and Photograph's by Alex van Noye

The year of 2008 was one of my less active years at Gilze-Rijen due to time constraints due to my job and because the airbase had no runway this year. The runway of the airbase was dramatically renewed in a period of over ten months. It should be clear that in this period flight movements with fixed wing aircraft were impossible. The only unit which still used Gilze-Rijen was no 301 Squadron. This provided some nice photos as they flew from the taxi track right in front of their platform. The helicopters from Soesterberg finally came in at Gilze-Rijen at the end of the year. From that moment everything became much more active at this airbase.

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