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Gebied Laagvliegen 5; Oirschotse heide, 2010

Helicopters at the Oirschotse Heide; Text and Photograph's by Alex van Noye

In 2010, it were mainly the Chinooks who brought me the pretty pictures on the Oirschotse Heide. There is almost no flying activity in the evening during the summer months. But when there is flying activity at Gilze-Rijen, the helicopters will visit the Oirschotse Heide GLV5 definitely for the necessary exercises. The result was that I could photograph a Chinook during the golden hour. This is the moment just before sunset. The colour of the helicopter became gold because of the available light. Later this year I managed to photograph a Chinook which was hovering in front of the sun. The result was a beautiful halo around the helicopter.

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