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Gebied Laagvliegen 5; Oirschotse heide, 2012

Helicopters at the Oirschotse Heide; Text and Photograph's by Alex van Noye

In 2012 I visited the Oirschotse Heide in total of 2 times. This area is known for its excellent photo- graphy opportunities. At the beginning of February, I managed to capture a Cougar in the snow. This was the first time I managed to take pictures on the Oirschotse Heide in winter conditions. The second time I was on the heath was at the end of September. The visitor which I photographed during this visit was very special. At the end of the afternoon I captured an American UH-60 Blackhawk from Landstuhl in Germany. There was until now never a Blackhawk been seen on the heath. This brought me also some very special photos of this helicopter.

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