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Alpha-Golf, Scramble, Scramble, Scramble; Volkel, April 29, 2020

F-16s on Quick Reaction Alert; Text, Videos & Photograph's by Alex van Noye

Volkel Air Base is the home of the 312 Squadron and the 313 Squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) and is still flying the F-16 Fighting Falcon. In the upcoming years the F-16 will be replaced by the F-35A Lighting II. Volkel will be the last airbase which will undergo the transition. Currently every day the F-16s will operate in sorties in the morning and afternoon. generally every flight consists of four to six fighters which are launched. Also there are F-16s on QRA at Volkel. The QRA will roulette with Leeuwarden and the Belgian Airbases Kleine-Brogel and Florennes. Volkel Air Base is one of these airfields which can have a scramble. There are always Dutch or Belgian F-16s on standby at Leeuwarden, Volkel, Kleine-Brogel or Florennes to secure the skies of both countries. During this video the Dutch F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters from Volkel were scrambled. One of these QRA aircraft (J-063) was also the MiG killer from the Kosovo War. When scrambled the remaining traffic needs to hold until the scrambled aircraft are launched. The F-16s from Volkel which are scrambled always use the call sign Alpha Golf during their mission. In this case the mission was a training scramble also known as a Tango Scramble.

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