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Delivery First Airbus A330 MRTT; Eindhoven, June 30, 2020

Historical Tanker Delivery at Eindhoven; Text, Videos & Photograph's by Alex van Noye

On Tuesday, June 30, it was time for the first Airbus A330-200 MRTT for the Multinational Multirole Tanker Transport Unit (MMU) to be delivered to Eindhoven Air Base. The aircraft with registration number T-055 is the first Airbus of a series of eight aircraft that has been purchased by the international consortium. Of the eight aircraft, five will be based on Eindhoven and three on Cologne-Bonn. In the Netherlands, the A330-200 MRTT, which is also referred to as the KC-30M, will replace the KDC-10 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In Germany, the aircraft will replace the outdated Airbus A310 MRTT. The aircraft of the MMU are made available to the European cooperation where tankers and transport aircraft are shared with eachother. This European partnership is the European Air Transport Command (EATC), which is also based at Eindhoven Air Base. The new A330-200 MRTT tankers are equipped with both the flying boom and the drogue system and can therefore refuel any type of aircraft in use in Europe.

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