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Military Movements; Eindhoven, 2012

Eindhoven Air Base in 2012; Text and Photograph's by Alex van Noye

The first pictures of the year 2012 which I took were made at Eindhoven Air Base. In January I was able to photograph an American C-21 from Ramstein Air Base and a Dornier Do-228 of the Dutch Coast Guard. During the second visit at the beginning of February, I took a few excellent photos of a KDC-10 with a heavy snow storm in the background. This particular lighting situation brought me some great photos. At the beginning of March, a Spanish Navy Cessna 560 was scheduled to Eindhoven. Also this particular plane was captured on photo by me. Unfortunately the weather was not great during this day. Eindhoven resulted in the year 2012 again in some nice pictures.

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