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In this section of Runway 28 all publications can be found. These are publications in various journals and magazines and occasionally in aviation related books. The magazines usually contain written articles including the accompanying photos. In books are especially photos used of specific aircraft or helicopters. Virtually all articles which are published in magazines can also be found on this website in the trip reports section. All publications in the magazines are listed in chronological order and provide therefore a clear overview over time. Are you interested in a complete story or photographs for a publication in your magazine, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Dec 2015, Take-Off No.98
Fortele Aeriene Romane

Dec 2015, Calendar 2015
Spotting Group Volkel

Oct 2015, Vayu V/2015
Air Power Paris 2015

Oct 2015, AFM No.331
Air Power Paris 2015

Jun 2015, Take-Off No.96
Frisian Flag 2015

Feb 2015, Cockpit 2/2015
Florennes, CJPRSC 2015

Jan 2015, Lotnictwo 01/2015
Florennes, CJPRSC 2015

Dec 2014, Take-Off No.94
75 Years Spanish Air Force

Jun 2014, Take-Off No.92
The Iceland Air Meet 2014

Apr 2014, Book Weelde AB
60 Years Aviation in Weelde

Apr 2014, Ptisi Magazine 335
Mirage F1 Champ de Tir

Apr 2014, AFM No.313
Mirage F1 Champ de Tir

Mar 2014, Cockpit 3/2014
Mirage F1 Champ de Tir

Dec 2013, Take-Off No.90
The Baltic Air Forces

Oct 2013, Vayu V/2013
Phantom Pharewell

Nov 2013, Avion Revue 377
Phantom Pharewell

Sep 2013, Take-Off No.89
Phantom Pharewell

Dec 2012, Take-Off No.86
100 Years Russian VVS

Sep 2012, Take-Off No.85
30 Years Boeing E-3A Sentry

Dec 2011, Take-Off No.82
The Bulgarian Air Force

Jun 2010, Take-Off No.81
100 Years Turkish Air Force

Mar 2011, Take-Off No.79 NATO Tiger Meet 2010

Dec 2010, Take-Off No.78
De Slovakian Air Force

Jun 2010, AGL Full Stop
Brilliant Ardent 2010

Jun 2010, Take-Off No.76
Brilliant Ardent 2010

Dec 2009, Take-Off No.74 Salisbury Plain Training Area

Sep 2009, Take-Off No.73 Lakenheath, 48 Fighter Wing

Jun 2009, Take-Off No.72 F-16 Display Presentation

Mar 2009, Take-Off No.71 Photos Gilze-Rijen & Volkel

Sep 2008, Take-Off No.69 Rotor Blades at Dishforth

Jun 2008, Take-Off No.68 Frisian Flag 2008

Sep 2007, Take-Off No.65 Redskin Challenge 2007

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