Runway 28 Runway 28 Runway 28 Runway 28

The Spanish Helicopter Base; Madrid-Colmenar Viejo, October 9, 2014

75 Years Spanish Air Force, part 2; Text and Photograph's by Alex van Noye

The helicopter base Colmenar Viejo is located north of Madrid and is the main helicopter base of the FAMET. There are five Battalions stationed at this base, namely; BHELTRA V with the CH-47D Chinook, BTRANS with the UH-1H Huey and the AS332B1 Super Puma, CEFAMET with the EC135T2, BHELEME II det with the EC135P2 and PCMHEL which is a maintenance unit without active helicopters in service. Colmenar Viejo has no runway where planes can land on. The helicopter field has a short paved landing strip with on both sides a large helicopter platform. he airfield is very small and compact, but there are very many helicopters stationed at this Army base.

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